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Long Abandoned pt2
Karkat picked himself up slowly, scowling at the dotted blood on his shin as he gingerly brushed away the dirt. He sighs heavily and leans back against a thick, gnarled trunk, scrubbing at his face with a groan. He’s so tired of all this stupid nature. The woods surrounding him are thick with vines and twisted roots, the leaves themselves seeming more likely to be the source of soft, glowing light then the sun illuminating them from above, considering what very little sky as he could actually see. The light hadn’t changed at all since he’d been thrashing his way through the foliage, the movement of the sun out of sight with the trees in the way. He had no idea how long he’d been walking for, but it felt like it’d been hours already.
His limbs were heavy with exhaustion and shaky with thirst, but he wasn’t going to trust the bubbling spring a few miles back if his life depended on it. For all he knew there was any s
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Long Abandoned
“Jade, darling, why don’t you come help your uncle in the workshop?”
“Oh. Okay.” The young girl stand up from her garden and stretches, then hurries inside. She blows the picture of her late grandfather a kiss as she passes, still missing him even a year later, and goes to find her great uncle in his workroom. He’s been occupied with a secret project for a while now, ever since he moved in to take care of her! Truthfully, she thinks he’s only there to keep her alive instead of actually taking care of her, because more often than not he’s in here working on “mysterious stuff” she isn’t allowed to see. But sometimes he lets her help him, and she’s learned so much about magic—or, er, alchemy!—and she really, really, really wants to know more! Jade never realized how much fun science could be when she wasn’t just reading about it from a dusty old tome.
But he hasn’t called for her help for almos
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Tides of Change pt18
“Cronus,” you giggle. “I really have to go.”
“No you don’t. You can just stay here wvith me instead.”
“Yes, I do,” you huff. “I promised.” He sighs and lets you go. Despite your resolve not to look, you find your eyes drifting over to his sad, kicked-puppy expression from where he sits quietly on the platform and you sigh. “C’mere. One more kiss, and then I really do have to go.” He smiles brightly and jumps up, instantly dragging you into his arms. Your body melds to his easily, just as your mouth does, and it’s like a drink of cool water on a hot summer day. You sigh happily, letting him hold you for a second before you start to pull away. You kiss him once more, twice… a third time, and then stubbornly drag yourself from his tempting mouth and step back. “Okay. I’m going now,” you tell yourself as much as you tell him.
“Come back and vwisit?”
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Mature content
Tides of Change pt17 :icon18prettyplease:18prettyplease 8 1
Tides of Change pt16
You stretch languidly, and then hiss as the movement pulls on your scars. It’s been a few sweeps since you were shot by Cronus and sometimes it still twinges; and despite how morbid or unsettling as it might seem, every time it does so you’re just reminded of your time on the ship with him. But you forcefully push those thoughts away, like you always do, It doesn’t change the fact you haven’t seen him—any of them—since then. You don’t even know if everyone survived the fight, though those in the camp swear they hadn’t delivered any mortal blows. Still… You’ve worried… Of course, your camp has fought other seadwellers since then. Though you haven’t done so personally.
The gentle wind rushes by you, sifting through your hair and fluttering it about. You breathe in the crisp air gladly, leaning yourself over the railing and looking down. This new camp is higher up into the mountains, and a lively, bubbling stream flow
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Tides of Change pt15
You sigh, staring out through the window toward the trees a few days later. A hand of yours rubs your sternum cautiously, trying not to press too hard and start it throbbing again, for despite a troll’s natural ability to heal quickly it was still a bad wound. You haven’t dared go outside more than a few times, wary of the other trolls’ reactions to you, but so far you haven’t seen any sign that they’re out to finish the job. You wince as you see Rufioh land outside and flop back down onto the makeshift cot you’ve been resting on—no sopor for you, not while you have open wounds to let it into your bloodstream—and try to pretend your asleep, though you aren’t exactly sure why. Maybe you’re just too tired for anything, right now… Maybe you just don’t want to face the pale affections that have strangled you whenever you’ve looked toward him the past few days. But whatever the reason, you hurt, and despite how mu
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Tides of Change pt14
Rufioh carries you tiredly into his respite block, setting you down carefully on the floor so he can start pulling blankets onto his pallet. You wince as he puts you down, even unconscious as you are, and let out a little whine at your discomfort. He grimaces sadly and reaches forward, papping your face with a gentle hand until you calm down. Rufioh swallows down the emotion clogging his throat and quickly puts the cot together, moving you as little as possible as he picks you up again. The Taurus gingerly sets you on the nest of cloth and works to pull the bloody clothes from you, determinedly not looking anywhere awkward until he’s finished and has you decently covered with a sheet. Ruf warms some water off the wood burning stove he has in the corner, then sets it next to the cot and dips a rag into it. He goes about cleaning you carefully, not wanting you hurt but neither wanting you to wake up sticky and covered in your own blood. You wouldn’t respond well to that.
He s
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Tides of Change pt13
“It’s true,” she tells you with a laugh. “Before you clam along he was insufferable. Always following us around, flirting with anemonebody who might listen—but you know that. So one day he comes up to me and says: ‘You knowv, wvhen I first sawv you it wvas pale at first peek.’ And I tell you, girlie, I nearly harpooned him right off the ship, just like you did.” You laugh harder, turning away to the rails before the sight of Reagen busting a gut has you crying from humor. The both of you have really hit it off after a week or two away from the island. Eventually She’d cornered you and confronted you about her developing caliginous feelings, but you had told her as politely as you could that you just weren’t interested in her that way, and she’d backed off. A few days later you’d somehow bonded over your love for horror stories, and a great friendship had snowballed out from there.
You calm down slowly after begging
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Tides of Change pt12
You grumble silently to yourself as the dockyard comes into sight, wishing yet again you didn’t have to go. You aren’t meant for the ocean—you need dry land at your fingertips as much as you need the water. But unfortunately it’s no use saying such—especially with that one troll (you think her name is Reagen?) watching you intently for, probably, any sign that you’re weak or a pest. You’re starting to wonder is she really does have a black crush on you. How awkward… You look away from her before she notices you and quietly board the ship, going immediately to the room you shared with Cronus before to stay out of the way.
Not much longer later he follows you in, plopping down on the bed beside you with a satisfied sigh. You don’t even blink. If the last few days have done anything for you, it’s been to deaden any discomfort at close proximity to the troll—unless you can count those perplexing moments where he’s just
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Tides of Change pt11
Okay, so maybe you’re not as placid about being essentially kidnapped as you’ve come to let on. When you woke up this morning, Cronus had been touching you again. Not anything bad, no, but just the brush of his fingers over your neck and shoulders. The touch of his lips curiously to your ear. Of course, you had thought he was asleep again, and tried to covertly slip away before he woke up, but a soft chuckle emanating from his chest disproved the notion and your face heated with anger. Needless to say, your bit his finger—earning a satisfactory yelp from him—and shoved him beneath the sopor with irritation, storming out of the recuperacoon with an annoyed hiss.
Once in the shower you remembered you were supposed to be indignant. But… You just weren’t feeling it. Naughty, though—now that was a different story altogether. You eye the cabinet next to you thoughtfully, then grin and dig through it. It only takes a second to locate the bott
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Tides of Change pt10
(Warning, though there is not actual smut in this chapter there are some moments in the beginning that might be unpalatable or heavy to some viewers. Read with discretion.)
He doesn’t stay on his side of the recuperacoon.
When you feel consciousness grab hold of you once again, the feel of cool skin around your midsection and on your spine comes with it. Due to the sopor surrounding you it takes a moment to realize why that’s not a normal thing to occur. Confused, you straighten out of your slightly curled position to look around, unfamiliar with your surroundings. A slow, deep purr from behind you causes you to turn your head, and the sight of Cronus brings it all back. And also brings a sudden flush to your cheeks at how close he is. Ampora’s forehead is resting on the back of your neck, each breath he exhales wafting over the sensitive hairs there. You shiver, and the motion causes his arms to tighten around your body, pulling him in closer. Cronus turns h
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Tides of Change pt9
“Laaaaannnnnnd Hhooooooo~”
Cronus looks up from watching you in excitement and rolls over on the bed. You spare a brief glance up from counting your newly acquired fortune, but decide you’d rather not lose count just yet. Luckily for you, Rasbit was loaded, and it was completely his misfortune that he made the bet in front of the other crew members, because considering the amount of disbelieved cursing and the tantrum he threw, he wouldn’t have owned up to giving you your rightful share otherwise.
You pour the last of the cache into a box you paid him back five silvers for and smile smugly, then captchalogue it for safe keeping. A small bag sits to the side of you, stuffed with various coins that you plan on spending at the markets on this island you’re headed to. Cronus assures you that there are plenty of wares to barter for there, so you put in a little more than you think will be necessary just in case you see something you like.
“Come o
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Tides of Change pt8
(Fair warning here: This chapter contains bawdy humor, drinking, and 100d suggestions toward the end. Read at your own amusement.)
You open your eyes to the rustle of fabric, spotting the troll across the room from you sit up and stretch. Cronus yawns widely, curving his spine until something pops back into place, and you slowly sit up from where you fell asleep on the makeshift pile. He rubs face for a moment to wake himself, then suddenly sits up as if he’d remembered something and looks toward the door. Cronus throws his legs over the bed, stumbles forward to slam his shin into the table that isn’t where he usually leaves it, and curses like a sailor as the shock zips up his leg. You break out into amused laughter, which you try to hide behind your hand, and he looks up in relieved surprise as he tries to rub the pain from his leg.
“Thought I’d made a break for it, did you?” you guess.
He shrugs and stands up, leaning all his weight onto his right leg a
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Tides of Change pt7
When you wake once more, feeling hollow with hunger and spent tears, you don’t feel like ever moving again. If you could just stay here for the rest of your life, however short and miserable as it might be, then you’d be perfectly okay with that. But you still have the energy to pull the blankets up around your face and over your horns. Though it seems whoever was watching you hunker down into the blankets has other ideas.
“Hey, feelin’ any better yet?” they call to you softly. Ampora sounds hesitant, as if he’s afraid you’ll break down again—or throw something else at him. He’s safe, at least from the second option, for now. Though you’re feeling too tired for the former to be much of a possibility anyway. You blink open your eyes and note that the cabin is dark, the window having been shuttered against the sun for the day, and once again the only light in the place is coming from his iridescent scales. A cool hand rests itse
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Tides of Change pt6
When you wake you find yourself oddly nauseous, your head pounding painfully against your skull. You decide to take a few moments to yourself and wallow in your suffering, but then the inherent need to do something productive comes back to you and you sit up with a groan to open your eyes.
… Where are you? The walls around you are certainly wood, just as you’re used to, but the furnishings are far more extravagant than anybody at camp could afford. Not to mention none of them would be caught culled with the number of ocean related paraphernalia—is that a real harpoon gun? You think so. The sight of what appears to be dried blood on the harpoon included—please be grub sauce—makes your nausea worse, and you stand up in order not to have to face it anymore. You scowl down at the cot instead, confused even further by the violet sheets, and then it all comes back to you with a flash of realization and you turn to the small, round window with horror. Sure enough
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Tides of Change pt5
You start at the sound of yelling and weaponry a few nights later, nearly tripping over yourself as you rush outside to see what the commotion is. The sight of battle greets you immediately, and you have your knives out before you can think and jump into the fray. Adrenaline flashes into your system as the clang of steel against steel and occasional gunfire grows louder. You slip by any trolls in your way, who are pausing to reload or patch a wound, and give your best battle cry as you tackle a saltspitter from the side and stab him open from armpit to mid back. He howls in pain, his dark purple—almost black, it’s so dark—blood sprays across the ground. You’re up off of him before it can hit your clothing, already heading for the next victim who’s dared to invade your camp. You fall into a groove, dodging all the blows sent your ways from years of practice, finding more ease in avoiding the sharp edges than actually landing hits of your own out of biologic
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Homestuck x Reader - Intro
I was sitting in my living room, waiting for my favorite show to start on the TV.
I was 17 years old, and living in my own apartment. It was kinda small, but it is also quite comfy.
However, it's lonely. And being the loner I was, that was saying something.
So, as soon as the show ended, I took out my phone, looking up the number to my best friend, who happened to be working on an animal shelter.
I had enough money, so maybe she could help me find a companion of sorts?
I dialed her number, and put the phone to my ear.
She soon picked up.
"Hello, this is Louise." she panted into the phone, as if she had been running.
"Hi, Louise! Um... Am I calling at a bad time?" I asked
"____, hi! Uh, no, actually, it's a great time! You see, we just got this little fella, but he ran off. I can't find him anywhere, and problems are just escalating form there! Could you maybe stop by and help me search for him?" she begged.
I giggled. "Sure, I'll be there in a minute!" I said, and we hung
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Knight Of Time :iconkanzencm:KanzenCM 52 8 The Mage of Doom :iconkanzencm:KanzenCM 89 6 Ferret :iconmeashka:meashka 3 0 Jaeson: Keep in practice :iconmeashka:meashka 2 2 Johnkat Centaurstuck :iconaskerian:askerian 63 5 Midnight on the Demon Patrol :iconaskerian:askerian 124 18
Sheltering Home (Homestuck x Reader) Introduction
Sheltering Home (Homestuck x Reader)
You sat in your bed, staring at the clock. It was only 7:23, and the Saturday before winter break. You were alone in your house, since your dad was somewhere in England researching some long-forgotten chapel for his newest book and your mother was touring the country, performing the latest surgery in front of expectant medical students.
You were fairly used to this though; your parents would often disappear for months at a time. It used to be a pain, but now that you were sixteen and in possession of your own driver’s license, you found you can deal. However, it was lonely.
That’s probably why you adopted so many animals from the local animal shelter. Well, that and the fact that your best friend worked there. Beth was 18, and had somehow managed to become the entire weekend staff at the shelter. She would always call you up with some poor animal that was about to be put down and beg you to adopt them.
Since you had both an
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Karkat x Reader Be My Friend
“What wrong karbro?”
“Nothing Gamzee.”
Gamzee and Karkat were sitting in the back of class. Karkat had been staring at one girl in class for the last ten minutes. She’d never like him.
“Do you like her bro?”
“I don’t know.”
Gamzee was bugging Karkat about him staring.
“She wouldn’t like me so there’s no point anyway.”
“Aw she ain’t like that. She’s real motherfucking nice.”
“How would you know? She doesn’t talk to anyone.”
“Boys in the back! Should I wait for you to finish chatting?”
Oops, caught talking by the teacher. There were a few chuckles from various classmates.
“Nah Ms. Teacher, you go all up and continue. We’ll stop.”
“Thank you Mr. Makara, now as I was saying…”
Karkat crossed his arms. This class was boring so her just stared at that girl some more. He wanted to ta
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Karkat - HAIIIRRRRRDO SWAP :iconaskerian:askerian 78 12 Underwater Scene :iconpanic-is-my-rain:Panic-Is-My-Rain 490 42
Alternia University
You gazed up at the intimidating building, clutching the handle of your suitcase in one hand and a crumpled black envelope in the other. The suitcase held basically everything you owned, and the envelope...well, it had shown up outside the door of the abandoned house you had been living in for the past couple of months. There had been a letter in it addressing you directly, with your full name (f/n) (m/n) (l/n), mentioned a few personal things about you that honestly freaked you out since you had never told anyone about them, and told you that although you didn’t have too, it would be in your best interest to attend Alternia University, a special place for people like you and that there wouldn’t be a cost for your tuition. It even included an acceptance letter, with instructions to show it at the gate when you arrived.
“People like me, huh?”
You hold the envelope up and look at the white writing on the front before looking back at the building. Even
:iconturntechgoddammit:turntechGoddammit 52 102
Kankri x Reader Petstuck Chapter 2
You two don’t exchange a word as you bundle him back, mostly because you’re not sure how much Kankri knows in the way of English. But finally, as you’re rounding the corner to your apartment, he says in a curious, small voice, “Where are we going?”
You almost stop in the middle of the crosswalk, you’re so surprised. Looking down at him, he flinches slightly. “I-I’m sorry!”
“It’s ok,” you respond, trying to keep yourself from freaking out about potentially having a conversation with an animal. “We’re going back to my apartment. You’re going to live with me.”
“M-me?” he responds cautiously. “You want to live...with me?”
That shattering sound? That was your heart breaking into a fucking million pieces.
You cuddle the troll closer and he squeaks slightly. “You’re very special,” you say in a low voice. “Of course I do.”
“I’m not sp
:iconturtlenecksandtea:turtlenecksandtea 176 49
Kankri x Reader Petstuck Chapter 1
You really hate being alone. So what did you do? Talk a walk in the drizzle like the absolute fucking loser that you are.
You were just walking by the local neighborhood pet store, that’s all. Taking a little walk in the spring air after a miserable, rainy winter. And what did you see?
Trolls, that’s what.
You’ve always wanted one, but the price tags were enough to make you gulp and walk away fast. One with lower blood--orange, yellow, green--were reasonable for a suburban family of four, but not for a washed-up college student living alone. And highbloods? Forget about it. Even a blueblood costs more than your living bill a month.
The little gray humanoids tumble over each other in the window as you walk past. One with horns like fucking Satan cuddles with one with four itty-bitty stumps--it’s cute as hell is what it is.
A cat-like female stares at you with giant green eyes as you try not to look, for fear that your wallet will, for once, want to comply.
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Tavros and Gender Mirror :iconsalihombox:salihombox 499 15

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